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Swiss-Chess is a chess tournament administration program
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Swiss-Chess is a chess tournament administration program which at first glance might seem complicated to use, but once you read a bit through its help section, everything will seem a lot easier. It can be used to create tournaments for up to over 900 players and 25 rounds. The program also has many different tournament types which you can choose from.

Creating a tournament is easy enough, you just have to click on "tournament" and then select "new". After this you can choose from an individual type of tournament or a team one. You can choose the tournament mode and for each tournament you can choose the number of rounds it will have. There is also a knockout mode of tournament. Then you can choose to further customize your tournament in the settings area where you can add more rounds or set the parameters that will determine how much you need to win. A player list has to be created and here you can add the players' ELO and NRV rating, their date of birth, the title, the club/town they play out of and the country they're from. After this you can start the tournament.

The program can also be used to see how other tournaments played out and also it can be used as a database for chess players. If the program has an extensive database of players it will make it easier for registering them into a new tournament.

Overall, the program definitely is a must for those looking to organize chess tournaments.

Dennis Niels
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